Sunday, 10 August 2008

Little Flowers From the Toe Up

I finished my Little Flowers socks and was so excited that I couldn't wait to take the picture. So here are my socks, terrible lighting and all. By the way, they do actually match; they just got all skewed while I was trying to take a picture.
As usual, I knit them toe-up and they were really fun to knit. It was amazing to see the flowers "bloom" as I knit. My only concern was how to do the cuffs. I ended up putting in a lifeline before I started the 15 rows of knit. When I finished knitting the 15-1-15 rows for the cuff, I did a two needle bind off. It worked fine.

Thanks Anni - can't wait for next month!

Panda Cotton, size 1.5 needle (US)


Debi said...

Very sweet. You did a nice job!

Steph said...

Very pretty! Do you like the Panda Cotton? It looks lovely knit up. :)

not just a mom said...

The Panda Cotton feels great knit up; and being cotton, it's nice for the warm weather. But - the yarn separates into individual strands while knitting. Definitely not something I'd want to frog and re-knit.

Nui said...

beautiful colors!