Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Celtic Rain Forests (or something)

I finally got enough bananas knitted to be able to return to the Rainforest socks & finish them. Alas too late for the June draw.

Then I got on with the Celtic Cable socks - taking the cable right up the back, & jiggering the row before the rib to give K2, P2 rib at the top. They look good too.

Yarns? Dur! The green I got for the May bluebell socks, but gave up cos two-colour knitting in the round was just too difficult, & didn't look anything like good enough. The red/purple/blue is something I had in stash since I did a pair of Jaywalkers & liked the way the colours hardly flashed, striped or pooled. The cable stood out well too. Maybe, maybe, I'll do this pattern again - with the cable up the front as well. Some time.


Barb W. said...

Hi Bronchitkat:
Please help an older person.....Have you completed both socks to the June and July pairs? Just one sock from both months? Posted a photo with a sock from each pair representing each month?
If you have completed the July socks, in order to be eligible for the draw, please both a photo that includes both socks.

Barb W.

Bronchitkat said...

Option 3, "Posted a photo with a sock from each pair representing each month".

Some of us Brits still play by the rules, even if we don't post by them. ;)

Our camera & the computer were ganging up against me, so I tried killing two birds with the one stone. Guess, what, that stone almost backfired!