Monday, 28 July 2008

Newbie from Germany


thanks a lot for letting me join! I´m Bea from Germany and learned knitting socks at schooltime (long, long time ago) but at this time I hated it. :o) Since about 5 years I became more and more addicted to socks and always have at least two pairs on the needles (I only knit toe up, 2 at the same time with the magic loop technique), that´s why I´m very happy I was allowed to join the Sockamania - I think it´s the perfect place for me, can´t wait to start the next pair of socks. ;o)

Best wishes from Germany,

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Kassandra said...

Hello and welcome Bea! Nice to see another german knitter here. :)

I haven't yet mastered knitting socks on circs. My last attempts at knitting small circumference on circs were rather pitiful... It seems quite difficult to me to get the stitches to look nice and even and to avoid ladders that way, so hats off to you!

I hope you'll enjoy yourself here!