Wednesday, 16 July 2008


...please, tell me I'm not alone.

I'm having an evening of being exceptionally thick, slow and stupid.
Anni, could you please, please, please but in a reminder in a huge bold typeface to remind people like me that they need to knit/purl a row in between the actual cable rows once the heel flap is actually finished? I'm apparently capable of completely switching off my brain while knitting. Argh.
I thought I fixed it all, but I seem to have missed one row, but I'm not ripping back again. I've actually made it to the end of the 2nd cable repeat of my first sock (am making the long version). Don't ask, that gorgeous cable is too much for me, I've stopped counting how many times I've undone a row because I couldn't count.

Oh, and here's a little hint to all that are currently looking for their cable needle: Have a look towards the end of the last cable row. It's totally within the possiblities that you left it there (with live stitches on it). I speak from experience.

Today is not my day. I'll ignore all those memories of similar things happening with slightly more difficult cable patterns and go ahead and blame it on the paracetamol and the cough syrup. ;)


not just a mom said...

Don't feel bad - I'll have to tell you about how I can't tell the difference between "Row 1-11" and "Row 11" and had to do a lot of cable ripping!

Barb W. said...

What works for me is using a simple post-it note to mark the row I am working on. It may take an extra second to keep moving it from row to row, but it helps me keep track. This little piece of sticky paper will also allow you to right a message to yourself, like "don't forget to knit/purl the row between the cable or pattern".

Debi said...

You are not alone. I have been to the frog pond several times with this sock. Tried so hard to make it toe up, but ripped 3 times before deciding to go cuff down. Messed up the cable a few times and the dumbest thing is turning the heel....forgot to go down a needle size (which I had decided to do)ripped changed needles and then miscounted and the heel was not centered. Back to the pond again. Heel is now turned. Very proud of the cable as it is my first. I did all of this without the aid of drugs....:) Can you imagine how I would be with them :0
I used two rulers one under the directions for the cable and the other to find the correct C3L etc, also used a row counter.

quesselchen said...

Thanks you guys. Will defenitely try the post-it-note idea on the second one (toe is done).
Sometime things are just not co-operating. I can laugh about it now.