Friday, 11 July 2008

The Perils of Pauline aka The irobot ate my sock

Silly me, I left my sock in progress on the coffee table while I went to a meeting this morning. When I arrived home my DH said " Uh Oh!" I said "uh oh what"? He said "You're not going to like this one bit." I went into the family room and saw the irobot with sock yarn and needles sticking out from below. UH OH indeed!. It was not as bad as anticipated, no needles were broken and DH and I were able to unwind the yarn without breakage. Whew! Darling Hubby has my gratitude for vacumning the house (and doing Oh so much more) this morning. Sock will recover. I will begin primping the house for company.


psalm127 said...

Oh my, I laughed when I read this, so sorry. I don't have an Irobot but my mom does and I could just see that sticking out from it. Not funny to have to work so hard just to have it sucked up. Looking forward to seeing them done.

Judy said...

At least they were not a total loss. My DH's dog chewed up a silk shawl I was working on and the a hole in a hat that was finished. She has expensive taste in yarn, but I still love her.

Anni said...

Oh no, naught Irobot. What is an Irobot by the way? HOpe you manage to salvage the socks.

Luckily I've not had any major disasters with kids or dogs getting hold of my knitting. They might not survive if they did. The kids know that and I've got a feeling the dog does too. LOL.