Monday, 28 July 2008

The Importance of Gague

So, I've finished my celtic cable socks. I really enjoyed this pattern, and the yarn was absolutely yummy. I feel calm inside every time I look at it. I actually plan to knit another pair soon for my sister in law...but I think I agree with the "add the cable up the front" camp of knitters. On a sadder note - gauge has foiled me again. We moved while I was knitting these socks and apparently, I was under some stress. One sock is definatly shorter than the other. I was afraid I had forgotten a cable repeat or something horrible....but it turns out, my gauge was just very, very different. :) Well, you live you learn. I look forward to next months installment....I promise to be more diligent in my gauge checking along the way. 


not just a mom said...

The cables are so beautiful. Can you still wear the socks?

Sandy and Steve said...

Think about trying knitting your socks two at a time. That way, they are always the same length without counting rows or worrying about gauge.