Sunday, 27 July 2008

Red Hot July!

Celtic Cables are finished! You can't see the cable very well in the picture, but it's lovely. I did K4 P4 rib all the way around the leg, and fiddled with it a little so the ribs grew out of the heel cable. Although the cable was fun to do, I must admit that I found it challenging. The pattern was not memorizable (is that a word?), at least for me, so I had to count every single stitch, as well as having to keep referring back to the abbreviations so as not to mix up Ls and Rs with Fs and Bs. Thanks, Anni, for another beautiful design.
PS The background for my socks are quilt blocks I just completed. When finished, the quilt will be sent to a soldier wounded in the Iraq war, through an organization called Quilts of Valor.


not just a mom said...

Beautiful quilt and pretty socks. You've had a productive July. I can see the cables, and I agree that I had to have the pattern in front of me, but it is so worth it.

Debi said...

I am so impressed! Red is my favorite color and though I cannot see your cables well, I know they are beautiful. I had to count every row and every stitch on the first sock, I am working on the second sock now and it seems easier. This is the first cable that I have ever done.I am pleased to have such a pretty one to learn on:) Your quilt is going to be beautiful and will bring a lot of comfort. Bless you for your compassion.

Sylvia said...

WooHoo Sandy! You beat me this month. I am working on the second sock. I am doing 4 cable repeats and have the first one finished. Going to have to knit like crazy tomorrow.