Sunday, 31 August 2008

Just in Time

I finished my socks last night, but had to wait until this morning to take pictures.

Little Flowers

I used Socks that Rock lightweight in Waterlilies. I made a few mods along the way. I made a 2x2 ribbed cuff, the leg is longer than the pattern suggests and I changed the heel (heel flap instead of short rows).

Great pattern, Anni!!


Here finally is my completed Rainforest socks. Not sure why they took so long to make because now that they are finished I am just so in love with these socks.

Little Flowers 2

Well I had to have another go at this pattern, I really enjoyed making them. Used the same Araucania Ranco Multi as before, just a different colourway this time. These are a gift for my Mum who has been staying with us for a few days whilst she has her kitchen roof redone. Now she can take them home with her this evening :)

Off to start on Septembers socks now :) - Thank you Anni for another great pattern and wonderful yarn *smiles*

No Flowers for me this month

I have been to the frog pond with this a couple of times. I have just decided to rip back to above the heel and try again. I have never knit this type of heel and I did not wrap correctly, they are too loose. I will persevere to acquire a new skill, but I think I will prefer the good ol' eye of the partridge flap heel. Hopefully I will do better on the upcoming pattern. I did do a picot edge on this sock and hopefully I will dig out the camera and take a pic of the "not so good" heel and later a "this one's a winner" heel. Happy Knitting and stay safe!

celtic cable

on my holiday i finish my celtic cable socks. i love them very much...

i don't no what's wrong with me and the little flowers, i start twice and it's not what i want. so i pass for that one.


Little flowers ready

Knitted during my holiday in Greece. As it was usually about 35 degrees Celcius during the day, I knitted only when I was in my hotelroom (with airco) and in the touringcar. I like the result, the colour match with the colour of the seawater. The yarn is from Drachenwolle.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

...august socks...and july's..and june's...

I guess I'm a bit are June's rainforest, knitted in Silja on 2.5mm needles, done two at a time/magic loop (I LOVE it!!!) Already given away. July's celtic Opal on 2.5mm needles, magic loop, and pattern both up front and down the heel. I knitted these top down, since I don't seem to get the hang of toe up:-(

They are too small on my feet, so they go straight into the gift basket! I'd like to knit these again following the pattern to the letter!

August flowers...also with alterations...picot edging, flowers down the heel, a "normal" heel, since I'm also lousy at short row heels...and flowers all the way to the toe. Yarn: Sisu, on 2.5mm needles, magic loop...
I did start the celebration stole too, twice, but didn't like either yarn. I got this far:
I actually started out making the edge (4 points) and then picked up stitches, and made a sort of short row corner, but once I got to the pattern section, everything stopped. I regret not knitting this in stockinette instead of garterstitch. The yarn here is Schaefer's Anne. Really soft.

Anyway- I'm back on track-LOL- and will try to knit the next pair in time for the drawing!

Have a great Sunday!
(oh, by the way, is anyone else having problems with blogger! I seem to have 5 or 6 blogentrys on hold...)

September Sockamania Parcels/ Pattern; August Sockamania Draw

The September Sockamania PLUS parcels were sent out a bit late, but should start arriving soon. To give everyone the opportunity to see the September Sockamanina pattern at the same time, the September pattern will not be posted until Wednesday or Thursday, September 3/4.

The list for the August Sockamania drawing will be sent to Anni on September 1st. If anyone has completed the August pattern and not posted, please do so as soon as possible.

August 31st is also the deadline for posting your photos of completed May Celebration Stoles. So far there are only three participants. Anyone else?

Note from Pixie... If you have joined the Sockamania blog and not received your invite to join Googlegroups, please contact Pixie at Googlegroups is the only place where the current Sockamania pattern is posted each month. You must be a member in order to retrieve your copy.

If you are a member of Googlegroups and are having problems accessing the pattern, or even posting a message on the Sockamania blog, please contact us through the above email address. Unfortunately, the blogger does have it's problems and it will not always cooperate when your trying to post a message. We have the same problems too. There is nothing we can do about it except be patient. Eventually, the blogger gives in and your message will be posted.

Little Flower done

I manage to finish in time. Lovely pattern and gourgous yarn. I did really like this yarn.

Little, little flower sock, so purple

Yarn: SWTC "TOFUTSIES", 2/3 is used

Needle: 2mm Size 0; Addi 40" 2 sock on 1 needle

Pattern: Little flower

Start: Augest 8 2008

Ended: Augest 29, 2008

Hello, Sockamana!! Thank you Anni for the pattern. I finished the little flower yesterday. I like the pattern and it's my second try on the short row heel with some minor mistake. I made this for a friend that has a size 4.5 feet. It is relative a fast project considerng busy at work and home.... -Esther


krijg ik vandaag nou net op deze prachtige zonnige dag een uitnodiging van de sockamania groep!!
Mijn dag kan niet meer stuk.
Ik hou dus van breien...vooral sokken breien.
Heerlijke warme en mooie sokken... ideaal om dragen en om cadeau te doen!
Hopelijk mag ik nu eindelijk bij de groep!
Maar ik moet wel oneindig zoeken hoe al die computertoestanden werken; vergeef me dus mijn gekluns met de pc
breigroetjes uit West-Vlaanderen!



I am Mirjam, 41 years old, three children 16,12 and 5 years old, maried, a dog and i am a teacher at primary school.

I knit over 30 years, sometimes more and sometimes less. I knit everything but two years ago i have learned to knit socks and at the moment are these favorite.

These little socks are my last one, i am gone make christmascards with them.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Little Flowers - w/many mistakes!!

Annie, sorry about messing your sock pattern up so badly.

These really do not even look like they have the flowers in them, but they do. When I started knitting the top I forgot to turn the pattern over and I don't have as many flowers on the leg as I should have. The leg matches the foot, oh well.

These were knit in Great Adirondack Yarn Company, Inc. Silky Sock, color Purplicious. The yarn is 70% merino superwash, 20% silk, and 10% nylon. They were knit on KP Options, size 2 ML, done toe up. I finished these around the 8th or 9th of Aug but just did not take a picture of them until today.
I also knit a pair of fingerless mitts out of this yarn last fall, so I have a set. LOL

The socks look like hobbit socks in the picture, they are so short and squat, but they fit me and that is all that matters.

Little Flower (modified)

Vinca sock yarn, US2. I really slowed myself down by putting in beads on the legs but I have so many and had to find a home for them. I change the top to picot. I recently found that I like the knit side on against my sole and I like the heel we used in the May Celebration sock.
Thank you Anni for another great sock pattern!

Rainforest finished

This is not the current sock but I thought I would post a finish even if it is late. I enjoyed the pattern but did switch to plain stockinette stitch for the foot. I do have a question for those more experienced. Do I need to block the top edge to keep it from curling under or have I made an error in knitting? Thanks...

Monday, 25 August 2008

Arun Flowers

What a nice knit, thanks Anni.

Details: yellow yarn 'Primrose', 75% wool 25% nylon sock yarn, hand-dyed by Helen at Ripples Yarns; green yarn 'Snuggly', 4-ply pure new wool by Sirdar (I wanted to stretch the hand-dyed as far as possible. There's enough left for another pair of socks, if they're small ones.)

I did a picot edged cuff instead of the plain one suggested, think it looks prettier.

As for the name, DH took one look at what I was knitting & sang "Greeeeen and Yellow" which is one of the refrains from a traditional folk song about the death of a Lord Arun (Aran/Aren/Aron - he doesn't know the spelling, he only ever heard the song!) he used to sing in the Scouts.

So that's a present for the Niece done & dusted. Next?

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Little Flower Socks

I was worried I wouldn't get these done in time this month. But as it seems I had no need to worry. I started the second sock on Thursday, finished the heel just last night and couldn't put it down all day today. And now they are finished. I really love this new yarn! For a Merino/Poly blend it is soooo incredibly soft! And the colours turned out wonderfully as well - and I don't even like pink. :) The only thing I had a real problem with was the heel. One side was all nice and tight but the other is messy and holely... I think it's got something to do with my purling being quite loose in comparison to my knit stitches. But I guess with some practice I'll get it down some time.

Still love these socks. And I can't wait for the next package to arrive! :)

Friday, 22 August 2008

Little Flowers

Finally completed these socks after starting and frogging them twice due to me not liking the way the yarn was turning out, I finally settled on this one - Araucania, Ranco Multi. Nice to knit with but still not sure I like the way it knitted up for this particular pattern.

Loved the pattern, easy to follow and remember - Thank you Anni :)

Loving all the other Little Flower Socks on here, its lovely to see how different they look in all their lovely colours :)

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Celtic Cables DONE!

Here are my Celtic Cable socks. I finshed them in July but got super busy with vacations and other summer activities. I used Trekking XXL and am really pleased with how they turned out! Anni, You designed another great pattern!

I am really enjoying seeing all the wonderful creations that are posted! You all are one talented group!

Here They Are

I finnally finished. I was wondering if I was going to get them done. The pattern was fun and fast but my life these last several weeks has been crazy. My oldest daughter besides just getting her drivers permit has baffled us with and excrusating pain in her ab area. We have made numerous trips to the doctor, two Emergency Room visits and one hopsital stay, where they have drawn lots of blood, done an ultra sound and CT scan, and a colonosgpy. They ruled out appendisites, crohns, galblader and kidneys. Labs have all come out fine. The only thing is her intestins are inflamed but there is nothing to take away the pain, they don't know what caused it or when it will go away and every time she eats it causes more pain and she throws up.

These socks were fun, the yarn is so soft, it is Anni's Sockamania Plus yarn. I am looking forward to September socks. I love having the yarn and pattern shipped to me, I don't have to think about what yarn to use and then order it. No LYS in my area so all my yarn has to be ordered online. Package comes in the mail...we all get excited, the two oldest vi for who gets to open and see what color the yarn is for the month. We then wind it up on our ball winder and cast on. Lots of fun. Last night while working on them my youngest son (18 months) kept stealing my pattern and running off with it. When I started decreasing for the toe I let him run with it. It was funny to watch. If he wants up on my lap while I am knitting he moves my yarn and pattern to let me know it is his turn. ha ha

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I'm only a teensy bit jealous

I haven't participated too much this spring and summer (although I did make the Simply Love and the Speedway socks, but never posted pics). Anyway, I bought some soft pastel yarn that I thought would be very pretty in this little flowers pattern, but when i started knitting, it made stripes that just overwhelmed the flowers. ARRRGGGHHH! It went to the frog pond.

I'm mostly 'green' cuz the ones posted here are so sweet! Mine shoulda been too! :-(

So, I guess I'll just have to "anxiously" wait for September's pattern. In the meantime, I'm making a pair of stockinette socks in a self-striping yarn - "mindless" knitting for a short bit.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Little Flower Socks

I am including two photos because the color is so much better in the second one. The heel short rows were just a little different from last month's pattern. They knit up so easily. I had a hard time with the cuff but I thought it looked wonderful. I have not knitted with a graph before. Being a cross-stitcher for many years, I found the chart very easy to read and follow as I was knitting.

Thanks so much for the fun and challenging patterns, Anni. Come to see me in CO! I will post again, I'm sure, when the yarn arrives from the July drawing. I so anticipate it! Thanks again.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Puppy in the Flowers

This is Tex, our new Australian Cattle Dog/Kelpie mix puppy. Four months old, adorable, and wants to do whatever I do. Including learning to knit. I'm not sure exactly when, but he found my Little Flowers, took them out through the dog door onto the back lawn, and proceeded to turn my two nicely wound balls yarn into a giant mess. I wanted to take a picture, but couldn't find the camera.It took 6 hours to pick out the grass, untangle and re-ball the yarn. I was tempted to just chuck the whole thing in the trash, but it was Anni's beautiful Yarn Addicts sock yarn and I couldn't bear to. I had to frog (or should I say "pup") the socks, which were almost halfway at two-at-a time toe up, but at least he didn't eat the needles. The yarn wasn't really chewed, just "rearranged," so I've started again. After I puppy proofed the house.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Little Flowers From the Toe Up

I finished my Little Flowers socks and was so excited that I couldn't wait to take the picture. So here are my socks, terrible lighting and all. By the way, they do actually match; they just got all skewed while I was trying to take a picture.
As usual, I knit them toe-up and they were really fun to knit. It was amazing to see the flowers "bloom" as I knit. My only concern was how to do the cuffs. I ended up putting in a lifeline before I started the 15 rows of knit. When I finished knitting the 15-1-15 rows for the cuff, I did a two needle bind off. It worked fine.

Thanks Anni - can't wait for next month!

Panda Cotton, size 1.5 needle (US)

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Little Flower Socks

I finished The Little Flower Socks for a Little Flower girl............I don't know for wich little flower girl because I have none. I wanted to knit these but didn't think it was a pattern for me. So I knitted them in size 29 (childrens size 12???) It was a nice and simple pattern and a really quick knit.

I did change it a bit because I don't like socks wich will come down.

So I knitted the top as 1k, 1p. and than a piece with the little flowers wich you can turn over. I knitted them toe-up.

Now wait and see wich girl wants to wear them...........

Well, my LFS found a Lovely LFG named Arwen.............-->
It was just the next day that someone said " yes, I want them for my great-grandchild" and the socks arrived with Arwen a week later.
And I got this picture of this lovely LFG.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Simply Cables

Knit in Noro Kureyon Sock.
And finally finished.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Celtic Cables Completed

Finished July's sock on Sunday and already mailed them to my eldest daughter. I was a few days late, but I finished and I learned some new tricks! I was trying to get these to somewhat mirror, but to no avail. I am still going back and forth as to what stash yarn to use for this month's socks...decisions, decisions. Am knitting a couple of baby sweaters right now so will start little flowers over the week-end.

Little Flowers are completed!

These were SO MUCH FUN to knit! I have plenty of projects on the needle to keep me busy until the September pattern comes out.

Thank you Anni for a fun pattern.


Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Little Purple Flowers

The August Little Flowers are completed. I used Lorna's Laces Amethyst Stripe. The color is light to medium shades of purple. Unfortunately, the photo makes it look darker. I made some changes to the pattern -- ribbing at the top and eye of the partridge heel (personal preferences). Next stop for these socks is a box and wrapped up as a birthday gift for my daughter-in-law.

August socks done already?

Wow, you folks are fast knitters! The July and August socks are gorgeous!

I'm in love with the August pattern and can't wait to get started on it. Thanks, Anni!

Monday, 4 August 2008

July Celtic Cable Winners


Barbara Almen and Jenna

The winners of the July Sock Draw.
Please e-mail Anni on and let her know which yarn you'd like from Anni's Etsy shop. Make sure you include your shipping address.

August flowers done...

And so fun to do, i really like this pattern, thank you Annie...

The yarn i used is Regia Silk Color nr 180.
Its all my favourite color in the same yarn...:o)
Now its looong time to wait till next pattern will show here but I have some UFO´s to do.
Till next time have a nice day//Birgitta

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Little flower

I have knit little flower now. I love the pattern. So funny and cute.
The yarn i use is Fabel , I love the colours.
This is my first socks in this group. I´m glad that i found this site.

Saturday, 2 August 2008


Monika said goodbye I say hello, hello hello..........
My name is Marianne or for blogs( ), ravelry and so on as Marbada. That's 3 names combined.
Mine and of my 2 sons Bas en Daan who are already grown up now.

I started knitting when I was about 6 or 7 years and I started knitting socks when I was 42 Years old that was just last year. And I think, just like everybody who starts knitting socks I'm now an Addict.

I'm living in the Netherlands, Zeeland and working for 40 hours a week so knitting goes very slow in comparison with the old days when I stayed home for the children. I made all their clothes except underwear and.............. Socks!!
These I knitted on holiday, the mirrorsocks.

and now I'm working on the Firestarter wich I already frogged halfway so I can start with the heel again.

Now I'm gonna look what you all have made and if I can find some more lovely patterns.

Love being on sockmania .............thanks.

Friday, 1 August 2008


I'm going to have to say goodbye to this group. Anni, thank you for your lovely patterns, and your generosity in sharing them, as well as giving away your lovely yarn.

I wish you all lots of fun with future patterns, and lots of time to knit them all.

All the best,


What we do for Love

As you can see, I didn't finish.....yet. I did a ribbed cuff with 4 repeats of the beautiful Celtic Cable (maybe I should have done shorter socks :) Must finish these before starting the pretty little August Sock. Life once again trumped knitting. DH and has all these wonderful projects underway which does improve the house but I would rather be knitting or at my LYS rather than at the home improvment store and tightening screws. What we do for Love!