Friday, 5 October 2007

Another apology

Sorry to those of you still waiting for your October pattern. I send them out in various mailing lists as this time it seems to have gotten in a right mess. Some have got zip files (which is strange as I didn't zip anything), some have't got them at all and a few seems to have got the pattern okay. I'm now e-mailing them individually to everyone who's got in touch. Unfortunately it's a slow process and it's been a busy week and I had hotmail problems yesterday which didn't help.

I'm working my way through them all and iwill get back to everyone's already e-mailed me by teatime tonight.

Thanks to everyone for your patience. It's greatly appreciated.

Have a lovely weekend (hopefully you'll all be able to knit your 'Elegance' socks.


BeadKnitter said...

Got mine this morning. Thanks Anni. It's a beautiful design.

Cathy said...

Email isn't as easy as it used to be; on the receiver's end, often email providers zip files they consider too large, or block emails and files sent to multiple receipients. It's all to block "spam" - I actually heard on the news that spam makes up 70 % of the emails sent. Isn't technology great?
Thanks for the patterns and the club; hope that it doesn't take too much time from your knitting and design.