Wednesday, 31 October 2007

maybe last, but not least

My elegance socks are finally done! I really loooved the pattern (my first cable sock!), and although I do have some mistakes in the cables, they are at least symmetrical! I used the yarn from the october club package.


Anni said...

Gorgeous socks and I don't see any mistakes. I love cables for socks so I'm pleased you took the plunge with the cables.

Peachy said...

yeah, well, I did the larger version, and the first 8 rows were okay (with the k3 / k5 for the pattern) - but then I got sassy, and did a k5 instead of a k3 before the cable, so at the ankle I have a nice snake line instead of the more braided cable pattern the rest of the way up. Luckily I made the mistake on both sides of the sock, could deduce why the ankle looked funny, and just did the same on the second sock (because I cannot justify non-matching socks, greatest character flaw of mine!).

I think I'll knit another pair of socks using that pattern, I really loved it!

anita said...

oh, i love your socks! and I'm a big fan of that green. way to go.