Tuesday, 2 October 2007


My daughers have just done the September draw for me. I allocated all the names iwth finished socks a number and the girls gave me a number each. The winners are......

June Fowler & Yosemite

Congratulations ladies. Check out my Etsy shop to choose your prize yarn and e-mail me with your choice. You can choose from anything on there - lace, dk, worsted or sock yarn - BFL, alpaca or merino- Just e-mail me with your choices and addresses.

Now the October pattern. I sent them out yesterday, with one mailing list done this morning as I forgot it yesterday. Sorry. But quite a few people seem to not have got it. I've rearranged most of the mailing lists since last month to make the e-mailing easier and I'm wondering if I've missed some. Keep e-mailing me if you ahvne't got it yet as it'll help me to work out what's gone wrong.

Happy knitting!


LadybirdLinz (:i:) said...

Congratulations to June Fowler and Yosemite!!!

And well done to everyone who has completed these....each and every pair as been an inspiration!!!

Challee... said...

Congratulation ladies !!!
You will love Anni's yarn. I'm knitting with it right now and I love it !!!

Anna Marie said...

Congratulations ladies! This is so much fun. I am so glad I joined this group!

Thanks Anni, for the great patterns. I am hoping to learn alot from making these socks.

June Fowler said...

Thank you Anni and everyone. I never win anything. This is so exciting. I have really enjoyed being a part of this group.