Tuesday, 23 October 2007

E-mail trouble

I'vebeen having trouble with my e-mail addresses lately. The one I use for sockamania is playing up and I got behind with e-mails last week anyway. So if you've e-mailed me with a question please be patient or post the question on here instead. I've got 3 hotmailaddresses. One private one (non knititng), one for Sockamania (stashaddicts@hotmail.co.uk) and one for my other knitting stuff and at the moment the only one I can get into is the last one.

Everyone's socks are looking fantastic. I've been so busy lately and not had time to pop in for a few days but I'll ahve a good ready later this week. Won't be tomorrow as all the club yarn will be wrapped up and taken to the post office but Thursday and Friday will be blog catching up days.

Happy knitting,
Anni (who's off to finish the November socks ready for photos tomorrow am and they're looking good).


psalm127 said...

Oh to put in the words of my kids " I so sided" I am looking forward to Novembers stuff.

Deb W said...

Hello, Anni!

I would liek to join Sockamania. Are you taking on new members?

Anni said...

Thank you Laura. Yes I am Deb. E-mail me before the end of the month and I'll add you for November.