Monday, 1 October 2007

She's aliiiiiiive

Well, it's been a really long time since I posted. (er, May...?)

I have started every pattern since then, mind. I have one sock finished save for the bind-off, but lacking a mate, a foot catastrophically too large for me (this would have developed cables in the next row, after I realized that cables across the top of my foot were a Bad Idea), and an ankle that is catastrophically to small for me.

What gauge issues? Where??

I haven't managed to post about any of this, as I have been graduating, moving, getting married, going on honeymoon, getting a new job, dealing with a dead car, moving again, camping on a couch for two weeks, starting a new job, and moving again. *pant, pant, pant* Knitting has been a little...slowed.

But now, at long last, Lo! a sock. Not merely A sock, dear reader. Oh, no...there is...a pair!

Nature's Palette Fingering Weight Merino, colors Dark Teal (which looked much darker on the screen...the perils of ordering online) and Odd Duck #3, knit on US #2 for the Fair Isle and US #1 for the foot--a plan which worked very well, although magic loop and fair isle do not mix very well. Live and learn. They came out looking very springlike indeed. I did two repeats of the chart, not wanting to run out of the contrast before I had done heels and toes, because I like the look. I have a fairly silly amount of yarn left over, which I'll be working into some frankensocks sometime soon.


Cathy said...

Wow...that really is busy. My ownly hope is that the camping on the couch for two weeks didn't come after the marriage and honeymoon! Nice socks and color selection.

:) Cathy

psalm127 said...

Wow....congradulations on well everything..graduating and you marriage. How awesome I wish you a wonerful marriage. Your sock are wonderful.

Anni said...

wow, you've been busy. No wonder you ahven't had time for knitting. I hope things have settled down now. And well done for finishing the socks. They;re fantastic.

And congratulatons on your marriage.