Friday, 5 October 2007

Love the Elegance pattern!

It took a while for me to decide which yarn to use, but it's smooth sailing (knitting, I suppose) from here on in. I cast on last night, and am having so much fun with the cables! It's been a while since I've knit any so I'm really enjoying this month's pattern. Thanks as always, Anni!


Anna Marie said...

I love the color. I still haven't started mine yet. I love knitting cables. I am trying to decide whether to do ribbing on the cuff or not. I like it both ways.

MariHana said...

I love the colour, too :) The yarn is from my stash, Jojoland Kaleidoscope. No colour name, just HM12. I was really tempted to do a ribbed cuff--I've never done a sock without one--but I think it's working out okay so far.