Monday, 1 October 2007

I'm a Newbee

Hi all you sock makers! I am coming to the dark side and joining the club! I am looking forward to being a part of the group and hopefully will win some yarn now and then! I am a breast cancer survivor, newly divorced and at the life experience year of 41 have started nursing school. I knit to keep me sane! I LOVE the folks in my knitting group in Atlanta, GA USA. Some of the best friends I have had in years! Thanks to Anni for hosting this and all the hard work that must go into it!
Keep those needles whizzing!


knottykitty said...

Welcome! If you are going to nursing school, I KNOW you will need knitting to keep from going insane! I went to nursing school in my 40's as well, so I can relate....

psalm127 said...

Welcome! I am 40 and home school my six children. I use knitting to relax which I defenatly need. Don't alway get to knit every day, but I try. My mom is a breast cancer servivor and I found a lovely free sock pattern for breast cancer online the other week that I am going to try and knit up for her for Christmas. That is in the midst of finishing two nursing shawls for ladies due any day now. Oct,Nov and Dec socks for sockamania and get a few things ready for our churches craft fair. Enjoy and I am looking forward to seeing your socks.