Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Heel turn on top down socks - Any problems?

Anyone worked the heel turn on the top down socks yet? One member is having problems and I'm just wondering if anyone else is having problems getting the heel turn to work correctly as it's written.

I'm test knitting it later just in case, but if you have noticed an error (or notice any other errors in the pattens) please let me know. I do check them very carefully but it's so easy with all the abbreviatons and numbers for a typo to sneak in.



marit said...

I've finished the socks, top down, and the heel worked out fine, I didn't have any problems with it at all, it turned out just like it should.

Tama said...

Hi, I haven't had any problems either. So far so good with one sock finished.

Barb W. said...

I am knitting this pattern in the large size and had pattern problems.

The heel -- The stitch number was off. I just made the adjustment and then moved on.

Pattern in ankle -- I also had problems with the pattern as written for the large
size. For the C4(2)F and C4(2)B it says to put the 4(2) stitches on the cable needle hold front/back and then knit 4 sts from the main needle. I believe this should
be changed to 4(2. If you don't then you will not have the correct amount of stitches left over 3 or 5 depending on front or back.

Barb W. said...

I know your out of town, but if I don't send this now I am going to forget.

As I was working on the October sock this morning. It dawned on me it wasn't this pattern I had problems with the heel turn, but the September sock where the stitch count was off. For that one I just pulled out a basic pattern and redid the turn.

I still believe that there is an error for the large size on the pattern C4(2)F and C4(2)B.

Karin said...

Just turned the heel on the first sock. I'm making the large and it's come out exactly to pattern, no problems at all.