Tuesday, 30 October 2007

September finally done.

I finished these about a week ago but could not remember to bring the camera to the house to take a pic of them. I really enjoyed knitting them and they went pretty fast, I just had to lay them aside to do some Christmas show knitting. A group that I knit with has a "Christmas time sales event at women's clubs" and I had to do some extra knitting for that as we were doing so well. All the money that we make goes to the Markay in town which is a sort of a non-profit art gallery that we are trying to get renovated. It is a lovey old building that needs lots of tender loving care.

Anyway, here are the socks. The main yarn is KnitPicks Essential, I think, and the XO yarn is left over from I think the July socks and is a blend of alpaca and silk, I think. I knit them using two circs from the cuff down.

These are going to be a Christmas prezzy for my hair stylist. She watches me knit socks every month and told me she would love to have a pair and I didn't even have to use expensive yarn, any ole cheap thing would do. LOL. I knit her a beaded purse last year for Christmas and she really loved it, so she is sock worthy. Besides, I have known her most of my life and she started doing my hair about 30 years ago. (WOW, that makes the two of us sound REALLY old, hehehe.)

I doubt that I will get the October socks done until sometime after Christmas but I plan on starting the November socks as soon as I get the pattern.

Thanks for the loverly patterns, Anni.


uberstrickenfrau said...

When will spammers learn to SPELL!!!????????? Maybe we would fall for it if they would only learn proper english.

Anni said...

Gorgeous socks. and fantastic colourway. I hope your hair stylist will be pleased with them.

Wonder if I can delete spam comments. Will have to look into it. Been lucky with spammers so far. Not too much of a problem.