Monday, 29 October 2007

Phew.............just in time!

Because I got my yarn and pattern in good time I felt honour bound to finish them by the end of the month! Not that it was a chore - the pattern is so well written and the yarn, Anni's own merino, is a dream to work with, the softest merino I have ever used. Next month's has just arrived in the post today - wow, the colour is amazing! These will be a Christmas pressy for my sister, although hopefully I can make myself a pair in the New Year!


Anni said...

they look lovely. I'm glad both club parcels so far have arrived on time.

I love the NOvember club yarn. I'm tempted to dye a huge stash of merino yarn in the colourway just for me. No idea what I'd get around to knitting with it though, but I'm thinking I may dye some more for me to do a shawl.

alisonrunrigfan said...

I know, Anni, the colour is sooooooo gorgeous and fruity, that I am thinking maybe shawl too - almost too good to put on feet! Am still considering at the moment!