Monday, 15 October 2007

October Socks Finished

Wow I finished! These were fun Anni. thank you so much. I ran into a problem with the first sock and I will have to chalk it up to lack of sleep, little three year old pulling on arm while trying to knit, little 7 month old pulling and sucking on sock while nursing and trying to knit or maybe it was something else. Anyway I finished and I learn several new things. First is how to due a Turkish Cast on, second how to knit for the toe up, third some cabling(never did any of that before) and finally how to do a sewn bind off. I will be doing all of these again now that I know they are not so hard. The yarn is an Anni original, part of Sockamania Plus. I love the feel of it, very soft and comfy. Hubby loved it too, said "hey its soft!" Looking forward to Novembers socks. Everyone is doing an awesome job with this months.

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