Saturday, 1 March 2008

Barely Under the Wire

I just finished these. They are not blocked yet but I did get DS to wear one of them for photo purposes. He is not pleased but I find it very amusing. (big grin)

I loved the pattern. This is my first toe-up and I have a lot of work to do before I get it right. And I never did manage to get the sewn cast-off to work. That will be an ongoing challenge. But it was great fun to watch the hearts form. The yarn is a stash yarn called Violet's Pink Ribbon. And I had to drop to 2.5mm needles to get gauge. I am still not sure the heel will feel right since I have oddly shaped heels. But I am eager to wear these. And hoping they insure Spring will arrive soon. Oh please, let Spring arrive soon. This has been the snowiest, rainiest, sleetiest (sleetiest? is that a word) February on record. And it is still snowing. I can hardly wait for March and the new sock pattern. Anni is a genius. Don't you agree?

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