Tuesday, 4 March 2008

February not done

They are getting there, but do to a short month (ha ha) I was not able to finish. The second sock is halfway done. I think I stretch myself thin this month with knitting, schooling the kids and sending samples off to get my license to make cloth diapers and mama cloths. I will finish these socks this month. Maybe I can finish them before Marchs pattern and sock yarn get here. lol You all did a wonderful job on your socks!! Keep it up. to see what I have been working on you have to go to my blog ..... though I haven't been updating that too much this month either. www.homeschoolblogger.com/psalm127

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Anni said...

they're looking fab though. I'm impressed you got that much done with all the stuff you do. Just homescooling would finish me off. LOL. I really admire anyone who homeschools. There is no way i could do it.