Monday, 31 March 2008

Google Group Invites and April Pattern

The invites for Google Group are out. There are over 200 open invites which means that people have been invited and not accepted. A handful of messages are still pending approval by Google.
Some of the email address's are showing as non-verified, we can't sort that for you but have found a help page here. We would like to ask you please, if you have not received your invitation or are having trouble accepting your invitation, to email Pixie at This same email can also be used if you are having problems with the Blog. Your invite should go to the address you signed up with here on the blog, so make sure your signed in with the right ID .. if you changed your email address or the mail is going to the wrong e-dress.. please let us know that in your email. A UK quirk.. blogger gives us your email ending with gmail.. those of us in the UK end in googlemail.. if you think that is your problem let me know and I will issue another invite.

The April pattern (April Bluebell Socks) is now posted and available only at Sockamania Google Groups. It will remain on the google group site until May 1st.

Happy Knitting!

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