Saturday, 8 March 2008

Simply Cables In Progress

Completed the first sock, but have to take a break to work on another pair before starting the second. I chose Classic Elite Alpaca Sox yarn. It is in a dark green color and very soft. I started the pattern using #2dpn as per the pattern. When I got to the heel I realized that once again I need to drop down to #1dpn because the pattern with this yarn and needle size was just too loose. I also changed the heel to the standard k1, s1 which gives me a closer and better fit.


dustinac said...

Very pretty!! I'm having trouble finding gauge with this pair... had to visit the frog pond several times already : )

Barb W. said...

I didn't have as much trouble with the ankle as I did with the heel. I thought it was just the yarn, as alpaca, even with though mixed with wool and nylon, can still knit up loose. Once I dropped down to my #1s everything fell right into place.

psalm127 said...

Lookin good. I can hardly wait to start mine.