Saturday, 29 March 2008

Google Group Invites

We are working hard getting every one added.. at this moment there are 65 open invitations.. meaning people are invited just not accepted

We would like to ask you please if your having trouble accepting your invitation to mail me here
This is only to be used if your having problems with the Google group.

Your invite should go to the address your signed up with here on the blog, so make sure your signed in with the right ID .. if the mail is the wrong address.. please let me know in your mail..

We chose Google to make it easy for you to have one login for the blog and for getting the pattern..
Hopefully soon you will all be members of both.
Thank you Pixie


Ann said...

I have yet to get an invite. Have really enjoyed the patterns I have gotten from this group and have the March pattern just barely started (darn this new job). I would hate to miss out on the April pattern.

June said...

I have not received an invitation yet either. Life has gotten in the way, and I am trying to finish up a bunch of UFO's and I have not worked on a sock for a couple of months. I do want to continue to be a member of this group though!!

JulieB said...

Pixie & the other helpers y'all have a huge job & we're trying to be patient, we just so look forward to each new month! Thanks for all your hard work-everyone!