Monday, 3 March 2008

March pattern

Thank you to everyone for being so patient. I did get hte March pattern out to half the members this morning. Unfortunately Hotmail won't allow me to e-mail you all in one day so second half will be done tomorrow. May try again tonight to see if Hotmail will allow me but please be patient until tomorrow.

As usual I get a lot of 'Failure to deliver' notifications. But please, if you havent received your pattern today, wait until I post on here tomorrow before you e-mail. As your name may be in the 2nd half of the mailing lists.

i'm looking into other alternatives of distributing the pattern to members and helpful suggestions and offers of help to set something up is coming in already. I'm hoping to get a better system up and running in time for April.

Happy knitting,



Julie said...

o I cannot wait! Bless your heart! You doing better today?

Sarah said...

Got mine thank you - and I love it - definitely going for it this month

Lil' Vicki said...

Hope you had an enjoyable Mother's Day. Waiting for your patterns always makes the beginning of the month exciting.