Saturday, 1 March 2008

March Pattern

Hi everyone, I know you're all probably waiting eagerly for the March pattern to arrive in your inboxes. Just been really busy today and got a full day of family stuff tomorrow (it's Mother's Day) so I'm afraid it's going to be Monday before I'll have time to send out the patterns. The patterns have to go out over two days as Hotmail won't allow me to e-mail you all in one day so some of you may not get it until Tuesday. If Ican find time tomorrow evening I'll start sending some out then.

The reason I'm not doing it today is that I've been very busy and my neck/back is hurting a lot and I've got really bad headache and I'm just too tired now. I've been feeling quite off all week and the state I'm in right now too much computer time will just be too much for me. And it does takea while to get the patterns out. So please do accept my apologies. I'll do the February draw tomorrow or Monday.

Have a lovely weekend,



...dotty... said...

Don't you dare apologize,'re entitled to be rushed or tired, just like the rest of us. Slow down,....we'll all be here when you feel better !

You are so very generous to share your designs with must feel like immense pressure to have to come up with something new every month. Thank you for your past patterns/ are a knitting-world treasure !

Julie said...

I agree with Dotty, no apology necessary! Take time with your family and enjoy them!!!
Hope your headache feels better soon & we'll be happy to get them when we get them. ;o)

LynnK said...

I agree, too. Take time with your family and take time to look after yourself! We can wait. Luckily it's a long month. ; )


~Jo~ said...

Take care of yourself Anni and I am wishing you a lovely happy mother's day. In Canada we celebrate it in May.

marit said...

Happy Mother's day, Anni! In Norway, it was Feb.10th...
Take care.

Deanna said...

Wow!! I love the march pattern and cables, great job, maybe I will actually finish a pair this time

Anni said...

thank you everyone for your kind words. Had a really bad night last night. Awake for hours with severe headache. Doctors gave me yet more tablets this morning. I'm taking enough already. Was taking 22 tablets for pain and underactive thyroid now I've got 3 more tabs added to that. But if it works it may help me to cut down on painkillers (htat's between 12 & 16 tablets a day).

Bronchitkat said...

My Mum loved the SimplyLove socks. Perfect Mothering Sunday gift for her. Thanks, Anni.

Never mind the March pattern being a bit late. I still have to do the second sock of a pair I've wanted for ages. Then some legwarmers, & armwarming mitts for our daughter. Plus planning the front of an aran cardigan, then knitting it all.

So no pressure at all, for you.