Thursday, 31 July 2008

August Pattern

The August Sockamania pattern is now posted on the Google group and is called 'Little Flowers'.
We're actually on holiday this week and we're camping at church but I'm coming home every night and for the last two nights so have the girls as it's been terrential rain. I'm leaving at 9am and coming home at 11pm but came home at 10.30pm tonight so htought I'd use the extra half an hour to catch up on computer stuff. Last week was insanely busy too so if you've e-maield me and waiting for reply I'll answer e-mails this weekend.In the meantime, why not get started on these pretty summer socks?
Happy knitting,


All time favorites

These were finished about 3 weeks ago but I forgot to post. I absolutely love this pattern!!! Now I might just try a sweater.

I think the yarn is Koigu.


August Sockamania Plus

My Yarn and pattern arrived and oh my is the yarn beautiful. I can hardly wait till tomorrow to cast on. It is still in skein form, I may wind it today. Every time I walk past it I get all giddy and just want to sit down and knit. Sorry no pictures yet, Don't want to spoil the suprise for those of you who haven't recieved your packages yet, but I am sure you will love it. Have fun all.

What Time Zone?

Blogger hates me! Hopefully, here is the picture that was supposed to go with my last post. The cabling would show so much better in a lighter solid or heathery yarn. Anni, you have outdone yourself with this beautiful cable. I will definately make another pair!!!!!

Which Time Zone?

One more day.....will I make it??? Sock #2 is about half done. I will knit tonight for a bit and tomorrow as time allows. The Finish Line is midnight, but I am not sure Which TIME ZONE???I keep thinking...."Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars"(Les Brown).You guys are awesome. I'm off to knit :)

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Still no Zippy bag

I looked everywhere. Oh well. It probably has a street value of a couple of dollars. I did go digging in an old sewing basket and found some tapestry needles so that I was able to darn in the ends.

Welcome to all the new members! I love that this group is International.
Can't wait to see the August pattern.

Thanks Anni.


new here


I'm Catherine from Belgium and learned about this blog in the Dutch yahoo group sokken_breien.
After having seen the celtic socks that Lieke made, I really wanted to join you all.

I knit since I was a kid, but I only started knitting socks beginning of this year.
I love it. But I also like to make other things.

I'm curious about the next pattern.


done about 3 weeks ago!

these were fun and i would like to do them with the cables in front as well and run the back one all the way to the top.

another thanks for a beautiful pattern.

i did this with zen string in the colorway hope, they remind me of spring.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Celtic Cables finished!

I love this pattern on the heels. Not sure about the toe-ups, I guess that I just like the look and knitting of the toes with cuff down. We went camping over the weekend and I brought my knitting bag along. I know that I threw in my little zippy quilted bag with my scissors and darning needles in it. CAN'T find my zippy bag. Maybe it fell out in my husbands truck. And he is at work. So I just need to darn the hanging yarns on the second sock.

Green Celtic Cable Heels...

These have been done for a while, but I only got round to taking picture tonight. So here it goes:

I absolutely love these socks, they will probably be my favourite "house socks" once the weather cools down again. I knit these on 2.5mm dpns with Socks that Rock Mediumweight in the Jade colourway.
And thanks to all the good advice I got here the second cable went a lot better, that post-it idea is priceless! Thanks guys!
Can't wait to see what August brings... ;)
I had such high hopes when I began the Celtic Cable socks. I finished sock 1 with a little difficulty in the cable section. My daughter had a baby and I dropped everything and cared for her and the new baby. Such fun. I finally got back to the socks and finished sock 2 on Sunday. I enjoyed the toe up construction. I liked the yarn but I didn't like the small sections of cream mixed in with the beautiful blue and gray. I thought it distracted from the overall effect of the colors.
Thanks for the challenging pattern!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Playing by the Rules

If necessary we Brits even post by the rules. 'K Barbara? One picture of two Celtic Cable socks, as requested. Already earmarked as a Birthday/Christmas present for a hand-knit sock appreciating family member.

Also a new knitter

I'm Dorine from the Netherlands and a new member here. I'm also quit new in knitting socks land because I'm knitting the second sock of my first pair ever.
I'm glad to join this club and hope I'll ever get the level of knitting socks as I've seen here on this blog. I'm knitting for over 35 years now and I knit most of it for my three litle kids. The yarn for their socks is already bought, but the first pair are for my husband.
Many greetings

New knittress

Hi I'm new here and also new in knitting socks, but.. allready really hooked, so it seems! I'm knitting my first sock.
I'm from the Netherlands and totally flabbergasted by seeing all these beautiful socks and yarn. It will take quiet some time before I have reached such a level.
Now I'm going to find out how everythings works here.
Dag hoor

Newbie from Germany


thanks a lot for letting me join! I´m Bea from Germany and learned knitting socks at schooltime (long, long time ago) but at this time I hated it. :o) Since about 5 years I became more and more addicted to socks and always have at least two pairs on the needles (I only knit toe up, 2 at the same time with the magic loop technique), that´s why I´m very happy I was allowed to join the Sockamania - I think it´s the perfect place for me, can´t wait to start the next pair of socks. ;o)

Best wishes from Germany,


Hi I'am new here. I am from Sweden and Sockknitting is one of my big passions. ILove to knit socks and i´m glad to found this site.

My July Socks!

I realize that this yarn was not the best choice to show off this months beautiful pattern, but I have been dying to use it to make a pair of socks. I already have plans to make another pair out of a solid color. In the mean time my daughter and I are fighting over who gets this pair.

They are mainly, after all, a lovely shade of blue.

My favorite color!
Hello I'am new here. I am from Belgium and Sockknitting is one of my passions. I love these celtic socks you all have been knitting, but I think I am to late to finish them in time

The Importance of Gague

So, I've finished my celtic cable socks. I really enjoyed this pattern, and the yarn was absolutely yummy. I feel calm inside every time I look at it. I actually plan to knit another pair soon for my sister in law...but I think I agree with the "add the cable up the front" camp of knitters. On a sadder note - gauge has foiled me again. We moved while I was knitting these socks and apparently, I was under some stress. One sock is definatly shorter than the other. I was afraid I had forgotten a cable repeat or something horrible....but it turns out, my gauge was just very, very different. :) Well, you live you learn. I look forward to next months installment....I promise to be more diligent in my gauge checking along the way. 

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Red Hot July!

Celtic Cables are finished! You can't see the cable very well in the picture, but it's lovely. I did K4 P4 rib all the way around the leg, and fiddled with it a little so the ribs grew out of the heel cable. Although the cable was fun to do, I must admit that I found it challenging. The pattern was not memorizable (is that a word?), at least for me, so I had to count every single stitch, as well as having to keep referring back to the abbreviations so as not to mix up Ls and Rs with Fs and Bs. Thanks, Anni, for another beautiful design.
PS The background for my socks are quilt blocks I just completed. When finished, the quilt will be sent to a soldier wounded in the Iraq war, through an organization called Quilts of Valor.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Celtic Cables done

Finally managed to finish my Celtic Cables this thursday. I really enjoyed knitting these and they turned out beautifully. I fiddled with the cuff a little to get a transition from the ribbing at the back into the k4,p4 cuff. I like how they turned out. Now if only the heat would stop and I could wear them... Then I'd be really happy.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sockamania Sock Yarn Prize

Today, when I got home I had a package from England and I thought what I'm not doing an international oddball blanket, am I? But it is the Bamboo Sock Yarn (Playful) that I won from the Sockamania Club for my Rainforest Socks. This picture doesn't do Yarn Addicts Sock Yarn justice. It is BEAUTIFUL and the colors are wonderful. . . it is much to pretty to use. I have lots of different sock yarns and this is my all-time favorite!

Thank you so much Anni...I love it!!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Celtic Rain Forests (or something)

I finally got enough bananas knitted to be able to return to the Rainforest socks & finish them. Alas too late for the June draw.

Then I got on with the Celtic Cable socks - taking the cable right up the back, & jiggering the row before the rib to give K2, P2 rib at the top. They look good too.

Yarns? Dur! The green I got for the May bluebell socks, but gave up cos two-colour knitting in the round was just too difficult, & didn't look anything like good enough. The red/purple/blue is something I had in stash since I did a pair of Jaywalkers & liked the way the colours hardly flashed, striped or pooled. The cable stood out well too. Maybe, maybe, I'll do this pattern again - with the cable up the front as well. Some time.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Finished Stole!

I finished the stole! I still need to block it. Gotta figure out a safe place to do it where the puppy can't help out. I am pleased with it. I do have a couple of errors, but I figure that is where the stole will be pinned.

I am on the 3rd celtic cable repeat on the first sock. I followed the pattern using the toe up method. Still not convinced it is worth the trouble. But I will muddle through.


Celtic Cable Short

Salvia US2 - the cabling was a lot easier than I feared. The short version was perfect, as it left just enough yarn for me to make a 2nd pair for MIL. She has been hinting that I should knit a pair of socks since the sock bug bit me. Just had a hard time convincing myself to do so after she accidently shrunk so many of my wool dresses.

Monday, 21 July 2008

A day late. Can't remember if that's the way the saying goes. Anyway, I'm a bit late for June. I really wanted to get these done but our vacation got in the way. Now we are back and have finished the Simply Cables. Love the pattern and love the yarn, Bamboo Sock Yarn from Yarn Addict Yarns. I'll certainly make this pattern again.
Have started this month's socks, who knows if I'll have them done by the end of the month, but I'm certainly going to try.
Thank you Anni

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Celtic Cable Short Socks

I finished my socks a few days ago, but have had a very hard time photographing them. The cables look lovely in person, but this color doesn't show up well for pictures.

Laying them down on was the only way I could get the light right to show anything at all. When I was knitting the first sock I was a bit unhappy with the color pooling, but when both socks were finished, the pooling swirled from one sock to the other in a pretty nifty pattern.

I made a huge mistake reading the pattern, but finally got it straightened out (see here).

Love the socks! Thanks Anni.

Tofutsies yarn, size 1.5 needles.

July socks done!

I've had a knitting binge the last couple of days, so now my July-socks are done!

The yarn I used is Cascade Fixations. I don't use wool, because I'm allergic to it. Fixations has been the best alternative I've found.

Friday, 18 July 2008

I've finished my first Celtic Cable Heel sock. I decided to make it slightly shorter than the short version, so they'll be sneekersocks. I really love the cable pattern and I'm really looking forward to the next heel. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the second one in a week, so I'll be in time for this month. I'll be leaving for holiday in a week.

Here are the pictures:

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


...please, tell me I'm not alone.

I'm having an evening of being exceptionally thick, slow and stupid.
Anni, could you please, please, please but in a reminder in a huge bold typeface to remind people like me that they need to knit/purl a row in between the actual cable rows once the heel flap is actually finished? I'm apparently capable of completely switching off my brain while knitting. Argh.
I thought I fixed it all, but I seem to have missed one row, but I'm not ripping back again. I've actually made it to the end of the 2nd cable repeat of my first sock (am making the long version). Don't ask, that gorgeous cable is too much for me, I've stopped counting how many times I've undone a row because I couldn't count.

Oh, and here's a little hint to all that are currently looking for their cable needle: Have a look towards the end of the last cable row. It's totally within the possiblities that you left it there (with live stitches on it). I speak from experience.

Today is not my day. I'll ignore all those memories of similar things happening with slightly more difficult cable patterns and go ahead and blame it on the paracetamol and the cough syrup. ;)

July 2008 Done

Originally uploaded by KnittingNiche
I finished this month's pattern. What a fun, quick pattern. This is the first pattern, ever, that I plan to make again! DH liked them so well, that I may use the same pattern, but a fatter yarn and bigger needles to make him a pair. Thanks, Anni! :)

Danielle M

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Celtic Cables Done

Wow! These were fun to do. I wasn't sure how fast they would knit up with the interlocking cables.It wasn't hard at all. Hubby's eyes popped out of his head when I showed them too him and he said "wow you did that?!" It is nice to impress hubby every once in a while. :) Thank you Anni, now I am off to knit some more before August rolls around.

Monday, 14 July 2008

July 2007 Done

I know it has been a long, long time since I've finished a pair of socks for this KAL. I love the patterns but there are so many things to knit and so little time! Here is my version of the Serpentine Socks from July 2007. I added a few stitches to the pattern and knit with a light fingering weight on size 0 needles.

Danielle M

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Celtic Cables done

For me these were a fast knit. I started them on July 2 in the afternoon and had to rip them out the next morning. My yarn was a tad heavier than I thought and I had to go down a needle so that they would fit me. So I actually started these in the morning on July 3 and finished them up on July 11. Not bad.

I enjoyed making them. I used SockSmith nylon(70%) and silk (30%). They feel so soft and cozy. I used KP Options in size 1 (2.25mm), did them toe up on ML. I used Judy's Magic cast on and did a sewn cast off.

I know my picture is not that great but I am not that great at photoing socks. Hopefully I will learn as I do it more and get better.

Celtic Cable Socks

I will definately be making more of these, love the pattern. I wish now, I'd carried the cables right up to the top, I was afraid I wouldn't have enough yarn - I had heaps left over too ... LOL. Ahhh well, live and learn :)

Next time I think I too will do them like Pixie, with the cables up the front too :)

Saturday, 12 July 2008

celtic cable finished

I have finished the celtic cable sock...
The yarn wasnt the best choice, but I can promise that I will be knit more of these.
It´s a lovely pattern and to knit the pattern on front like Pixie was some I think I should try too...
But here they are...

You see the yarn isn´t right or if its me who cant take the photo right maybe, anyway I like the pattern and I love my socks.
Now I look forward to next one...:o)
Have a nice day//Birgitta

Celtic Cables

To pretty a cable pattern to have just at the back, started toe up, ribbed the toe and let the cables flow up the leg.
Foot done on size 2.25, then switched to 2.75 for the leg
Worked over 72sts
Yarn from Anni, gorgeous Merino.
Thanks for another great pattern.

Friday, 11 July 2008

The Perils of Pauline aka The irobot ate my sock

Silly me, I left my sock in progress on the coffee table while I went to a meeting this morning. When I arrived home my DH said " Uh Oh!" I said "uh oh what"? He said "You're not going to like this one bit." I went into the family room and saw the irobot with sock yarn and needles sticking out from below. UH OH indeed!. It was not as bad as anticipated, no needles were broken and DH and I were able to unwind the yarn without breakage. Whew! Darling Hubby has my gratitude for vacumning the house (and doing Oh so much more) this morning. Sock will recover. I will begin primping the house for company.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

July Celtic Cable Socks -- Completed

Rainy, nasty weather has kept me indoors this holiday weekend. What else to do but knit. I started the Celtic Cable pattern on Thursday and finished the first sock this morning. I am knitting it top down vs toe up and added a ribbing of k2, p2. This required making some adjustments, but not a lot. I also chose to knit the cable down the entire length of the back on the sock. I didn't check my yarn yardage before beginning and wasn't sure if I would have enough on the skein to complete. I made it with a few yards to spare. I chose Artyarns SuperUltra Merino in soft shades of orange. The ankle is knit of #2 dpn and I switched to a #1 dpn when I started on the heel. The socks fits perfectly.

The cable pattern looks difficult but it is really very easy.
Time to cast on for sock #2. If this rain keeps up I will have this pair done before the weekend is over.
UPDATE - July 9: The rain finally stopped, but that didn't keep me from finishing this pair of socks. The combination of the yarn and this pattern ranks them as one of my favorites.

Thursday, 3 July 2008


Here is my first try at a sockamania sock! I used Plymouth Yarn, Rockin' Sox in color 006. I didn't join until the 3rd week of June so I didn't finish them by the end of the month. I have started the Celtic Cable. Not so sure about the Turkish/Eastern cast on.

And the June Winners are.....

..... the draw has been completed and the June winners are

Sarah for Rainforest
Carla 1to1 for Rainforest

E-mail me ladies (on yarhaddictAThotmailDOTcoDOTuk) with your choice of prize yarn from my Etsy shop.

We've also decided to extend the deadline for the Celebration Stole knitalong to end of August. So if you've not started yours get going now. the pattern are on the Google group now but will only be there for July so print it off if you want it. In fact all the Sockamania patterns are only available on the Google group for the month they're in use so don't forget to print off your copy or you may loose out.

Three people have already finished their Celebration Stoles. Jennifer and Barb and Pixie knitted the sample shawl for me and did some work on sorting out the design too. As a reward for finishing the stoles in time for the original deadline I'm giving these 3 ladies a special surprise reward. E-mail me with your addresses and start stalking your post man.

The big prize draw for the Celebration Stoles will take place at the end of August and the winner will get a very special prize so don't miss out. Get your stoles on the needles. if you're not keen on knitting in laceweight you can even knit it in sock yarn, just go up a couple of needle sizes.

Happy knitting,


Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Trying to Post

I have been having some trouble posting on this blog at times. I am just trying to see if it works

July socks - Celtic Cable Heel Socks

Sorry, I didn't get the pattern posted as early as I'd planned. I had to take photos of the short version fo the socks and it was raining until mid morning. Anyway, here t hey are:

The standard version

and the trainer sock version.

The socks are knitted toeup and instructions are included in the pattern for Turkish Cast On, but any other toe up cast on can be used. I've also included instructions for sewn bind off but again, you can use bind off of your choice.

I've posted both pdf and MS Word versions of the pattern. The Celebration Stole pattern ahs been posted again too. And will be available until end of July. Teh Celebration Stole KAL has been extended until end of August, when there will be a prize draw.

These socks were knitted with crocs and clogs in mind. With the details on the heel they're perfect for wearing with heel-less shoes. Make them short or standard - your choice.
Patterns are posted on the Google group now.

Happy knitting,


Woke up too early

One of us woke up too early this morning (5:30).....was it in anticipation of July Sock? It's all good though I will a little time and work on my Rainforest which is waiting on me to finish....I left it long enough for the sock fairies to finish, but alas, they went somewhere else.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

July Socks

The July Socks will be posted on the Google Group tomorrow 2nd July. The reason is there are two versions of the socks nad I want to finish the 2nd version before posting. I'll finish those tonight, take pics first thing tomorrow am and post the pattern so by the time you Americans wake up the pattern will be there for you. And British and European members will have to wait till mid morning for the pattern. I'm sorry for the day delay.

I'll do the draw for June this evening as I normally get th girls to draw the winners for me.


Hello there....

I´m new to this group and this is my first post here...
I´m from Sweden, live in a house with my family and two dogs.
I just love to knit and specially socks...:o)
So i started out with the speedwaysock and just finished it yesterday evening.
This is how they look.
I used handpainted yarn from Zitron, colour Feuerland 501
I´ts a nice yarn to knit in and i just love this colours.
So now i started and I think I´m gonna have a nice time in this blogg. There is so many talanted people here and you make such great stuff...
This banana....I just love them...can I have the pattern?..:o)

Have a nice day you all and I am looking forward to next pattern here....


I started the Rainforest socks with an idea of putting them in the 'unfinished but for a gift' stash. Then realise that, as they were in variegated shades of green, they'd be ideal for Mum. So they'll be finished. Eventually.

Thing was I knit a banana, which DH promptly took a shine to. He showed people at Church & they've started placing orders. #bananas currently knitted & taken - 9. # bananas ordered & awaiting stuffing - 6. Proceeds to Tearfund.

So I suppose I should get on with stuffing, sewing together, & applying faces. Then I can finish the Rainforests for Mum's Christmas present. & maybe even start on July's socks.

Rainforest started

I was very late starting a sock this month but had a free weekend for the first time all month and decided to cast on anyway! I am using Trekking Handart Yarn with size 1 Addi Turbo 32" circular. I like 40" better for two at a time but it was all I had free of projects. My yarn is pretty busy and most of the pattern is lost but I like what I can see of it. I hope to get an earlier start next time. Kim