Friday, 1 February 2008

Hi You all:-)

I am new to this group.

My yarn came yesterday (I think) and I will go pick it up from PO today.

I am so excitet to get started.

Unfortunately I have some sock on my favourite needle that I have to finish first.

They were boring :-(

But as soon as they are finished, I´ll start on febuaries socks:-)

Just need the pattern first;-)

I live in Sweden btw, with hubbie and two kids.




blueberries in the fields said...

Hi Emma, I am from quebec canada, i have a hubby too :) and 3 daughters. Funny cause i too have a pair of socks waiting on needles and i just can't decide to finish them. Too boring. Welcome to sockamania ! I am also a new member and waiting for my february pattern. Can't wait. Should be soon, does anyone know ??? I keep checking my email all the time. I am getting impatient !!! Argh ! :)

sockaholic said...

Welcome Emma! I know you will enjoy Anne's patterns and yarn. Look forward to seeing your completed February socks.

Emma said...

I got the pattern with the yarn:-) Couldn´t wait so It´s on some other needles:-)
My god, that yarn:-)

Anni said...

I'm so pleased you like the yarn. I'm always nervous when I send it out. Worried noone will ike it. Most people usually do.

Emma said...

Anni: Well you have me on your side;-) Can´t wait to wear it :-)