Saturday, 16 February 2008

Simply Love - Newbie

First ever attempt at a Sockmania KAL. As neither of our two LYSs stock variegated sock yarn I chose two shades of pink sock yarn & a red merino 4-ply. After some initial wondering about stripes I came up with these.

Love the toe-up construction - hardly any sewing! Used my favourite short-row heel to fit with the colour scheme, & may have shortened the ribbing slightly! They will be an excellent Mothering Sunday gift for my Mum.

NB: Another time time I knit stripes with several balls of yarn I'll make sure to have more than two rows per stripe!

Looking forward to the March pattern.


Maharetina said...

I can't see your picture, though I would really love to see your socks. Is the link broken or is it a problem with my browser? The other pictures on this site I can see.

Tiffany said...

Do not click that link above!
It's spam!
Just warning you!

Pixie said...

Hi Tiffany, that comment has been deleted.. seems to be the latest thing to do! some do need to get a life

Barb W. said...

Blogger sometimes has problems with photos. The only way to fix this is for you to go into your message and reload your photo.