Saturday, 2 February 2008



I've finished e-mailing out the February pattern now. However as usual there was a long list of mail delivery failure notifications that came in return, so if you didn't get it please e-mail us.

There is an error in the chart for the leg. I checked the charts so many times this time on different days to avoid errors but there is an error on row 17 of the chart on the leg. The last 2 stitches should be k2tog, yo. I can't send any more e-mails now as I've reached the quota for the e-mail account but I'll send out replacement charts as soon as I can.

On Row 19 of the leg chart there is '&' in one of the squares. This should be '^' which is SK2PO. Not sure how the '&' managed to sneak in there.

I'm so sorry for these two tiny errors. It's a pain with charts. I knitted from them and I went through them with a fine tooth comb several times before sending it out.

Good luck everyone.


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