Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Just in time for Valentine's Day!!

I finished up my Feb. socks and boy have I had a hard time getting a good photo! I've taking so many this afternoon and still none came out looking real good.
I changed the heel to Sherman Short row heel...

Yarn~Ruby Slippers by Wooly Treasures
Needle~ Size 1 Magic Loop

I love them they turned out so pretty and if we have school tomorrow I can wear them to the Valentine's Day party : )

Thank you Anni, for the lovely design!



Esoteric Knitter said...

They look awesome! Great work. :)

blueberries in the fields said...

your socks are really gorgeous, i just love the color you chose ! great job !

not just a mom said...

Pretty socks and what a great name for yarn!

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Great timing, and perfect color, nice job! : )

dustinac said...

Thanks everyone! The name is what really called me to the yarn. : )

...dotty... said...

Great job and wonderful timing, dustina !