Thursday, 14 February 2008

oh my !

Hi, i am a newbie here and i am so ashamed to say i did not even started yet. :( I have never knitted a pair of socks before ( well a few pairs years years ago ) i decided to knit a basic pattern just so i could see how good i can be and how it would fit my small feet. With 56 stiches, using a sock yarn with 2,5mm dpn, they are just perfect. I was wondering if 64 stiches will make my socks too big for me ? What if i use smaller dpn ? If i use less stitches will the pattern fit ?

So confused. :(

Monique from Montreal


not just a mom said...

Go ahead and try! Many of us do some modifications (I did a short row heel and included a small gusset on this pattern). You can swatch with smaller needles and see what happens.
Or, try using 60 stitches and modify the pattern. By doing a smidge of math, you'll see that if you decrease the pattern by 4 stitches, you can keep the four hearts around the leg and just eliminate the stitch between the hearts.
If you want to keep the 56 stitches, you could just do hearts on the front and back and not on the sides.
Can't wait to see your new socks.

Maharetina said...

Give it a try :)
The pattern is made for bigger feet than mine, too. So, for the foot, I've reduced to 60 stitches, and I'm using 2mm-dpns. I'm still not far enough yet to say if they will fit, but I'm pretty optimistic :)

Come on, be a fearless knitter! ;)

~Jo~ said...

Monique, I just wanted to welcome you to the Sockamania group. I am also from Montreal, what a fun coincidence! :)

Hattie said...

I think you can do either as others have said. I generally just drop needle size, it's easier than messing with stitch counts.

blueberries in the fields said...

thank you to all of you girls for your help and kind comments. i think i will see if i have smaller than 2mm dpns and keep the 64 stitches. otherwise, i will give it a try with my 2mm and 60 stitches.
And thank you Jo for the nice welcome ! Actually, i am from Mirabel, but I always mention montreal, cause who in this world knows where mirabel is ?!?
Cio everybody ! Have to get startin' knittin'...Yeah let me be a fearless knitter ! ;)