Friday, 1 February 2008

Just wanted to show you all:-) The picture does not give the yarn full credit. Been knitting since I got home from the Ice-rink. I just can´t stop:-) Guess I´ll post my FO on Sunday ;-)


psalm127 said...

oh how pretty. I can't wait to get mine in the mail. mail already came today, so maybe tomorrow if not then hopefully Monday. Looks good

dustinac said...

ohh pretty!! I can't wait to get the pattern!! : )

Nui said...

very pretty! Can't wait to get the pattern. I'm new to knitting socks so a toe will be a challenge for me.

Emma said...

Nui----> Well I never done a Turkish cast on and that took me I while to figure out. Thank God for the net ;-)
There were a couple of tutorials.
And I simply couldn´t get the cast on right with DPN´s, so I made it on a circular needle and then transferred it to the DPN´s. Right now I am starting the heel (had to get some sleep;-) )and that might be a challange to.

Hope you all get your pattern tody then:-)