Sunday, 10 February 2008

Simply love finished

I have finished mine. Was really surprised how fast these knit up. And I'm starting to get the hang of toe-up knitting. Actually I'm starting to like it. That's really worrying. Oh well.
I really like how my socks turned out - I used a strong, solid pink (it's Valentine's Day soon!) from Opal and knit these up on 2mm needles and this time my gauge didn't grow! Yay! Am really sorry to give these away as a birthday present for a good friend, but she has smaller feet than me, so they will not fit me (and this time this is a good thing! ;) )

That's a great pattern, Anni! Thanks for this!


Sarah said...

Pretty socks and pretty photo; I'm sure your friend will be delighted

not just a mom said...

Another toe up convert, yeah! Your socks look beautiful. What a lucky friend you have.