Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Just finished!

I just finished these this morning - I would have been a bit quicker apart from two little glitches........(entirely of my own making - nothing to to do with the pattern!)

My first problem was the sewn bind off. I've tried this before and gave up because I was making such a mess, so this time I was determined to make it work. I was so anxious not to make it too tight, that I did the opposite and ended up with a frilly edge! That was no good, so I had to unpck it & start again. Why does it take 10 times as long to unpick things as it takes to do them wrong?
The second attempt was much better and does give a lovely stretchy edge. I might make more toe up socks now that I've got that problem sorted.
The other problem was the heel of the second sock. I developed a sudden inability to count and ended up redoing it (twice).
I used Regia Surprise yarn with 2 circular 2.25mm needles. I used Judy's Magic Cast On (because I've just learned it).
I made the leg a bit shorter (2 full pattern repeats plus half a repeat left over from the foot) and I only did three repeats of the rib.
I really liked the pattern and I'm very pleased with the socks.
Thanks again, Anni.


Mamere Knits Too Much said...

very pretty!

Sandy and Steve said...

Love 'em!

quesselchen said...

very pretty, like this colour a lot!

Chellie said...

Very nice- love the color choice and the shortened length!