Monday, 25 February 2008

You know you have too much yarn

I just started the socks on Saturday and didn't have suitable yarn. All my sock yarn are too striping so I was afraid that the heart would disappear.

So I went and bought yarn, not the color I would have liked but it was the least striping that I could find. Started knitting and am now on the foot of the first sock.
Guess what? This morning I found suitable yarn in my OWN house. And two different balls of yarn that I would have loved to make these socks from ... Maybe some other time.

These are going to be to big for my feet. At one point I thought that maybe I would share the socks with someone who has bigger feet, but nah - I can use them even if they are a bit big.


NYCResident1 said...

HI- I'm hoping a little hot water abd mine will shrink :)

Nui said...

I'm new to knitting socks and I'm finding that it is impossible to find solid color sock yarn at my LYS. I went to Stitches West and thought for sure it would be an easy task but nothing. For the December sock, I had used regular merino fingering yarn and I was very disappointed with them - they felt so thin. I'm in the middle of trying it again but dropping my needle size down 2 sizes and hope they will turn out better.