Friday, 8 February 2008

simple love

Done with February's pattern-or not...I have to admit that toe-up socks are not my favourite...I can' figure out short rows and wraps! So I've cheated a bit- cast on with a figure8, increased to 60 stitches(because the first time, with 64 st., they got too big:-(), did a ribbing in the sides and an afterthought heel (that's the brown line in that second sock) Also, t second sock was knit using magig loop, a method I haven't tried before, but I needed a portable project for some ferryrides and a wait at the dentist on Tuesday! DPN's are not very portable...It was okay to knit with magic loop, but it took too long to "shift" between the two halves. All a matter of practice, I presume. I went back on DPN's for the cuff... I made only two repeats on the leg, and they got tall enough. And here they are, all done, ends and all woven in. Nice pattern, I'm sure I'll use it again.

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Sarah said...

Fast work - they look really great and using the afterthought heel is a neat idea.