Friday, 17 August 2007

A bit embarrassed....

...but also a bit proud. ;-) While the rest of you are churning out some fabulous August socks, I have finally finished July!


The first one was very slow going because I had to tweak the pattern a lot to get it to fit my DH's foot, but I figured out how to make that work (added 4 stitches, and then went up a needle size at the heel). I also worked an EOP heel because my DH wears his socks out *fast*! Oh, and the yarn is Trekking Pro Natura. Not the most lush yarn ever, but it's relatively light weight, and I think DH will appreciate that--his feet are usually much warmer than mine.

Oh, and I have started the August socks. I had to wait for a new needle to arrive from KnitPicks (great customer service--there was a flaw in my first needle, and they replaced it no questions asked). I'm only about 1.5 repeats into the first one, so no piccie yet. But I'm hoping they're as fast as everyone is saying, and I'll have photos soon. Yarn is Posh Emily in the May sock club colourway. Oh, and I have modified the pattern to 60 sts, it was coming out huge at 66 in this yarn.


Cathy said...

Congrats on finishing July's and for the time well spent on customizing them; they look great!


Anni said...

Well done on finsihing July's socks. Doesn't matter if you don't finish them in the month. It's just great to see socks finished and not being left single.

Anni said...

Oh, and haven't quite finished my July socks yet either.