Monday, 13 August 2007

Coming Along... Slowly

This is the second incarnation of Spiralling Sock. The first was coming out too large, so I ripped it and cast on fewer stitches. I was a little concerned that I'd reduced the stitches too much—in order to preserve the heel pattern—but DH assures me it's coming out a good fit for him. Lucky he has slim legs! :)

I've also added more rounds on the leg to make it longer for him.

The yarn is Lana Grossa Mega Boots Stretch in colour #713, and I'm using a 2.5mm circular to knit Magic Loop.

Contrary to most, I'm finding the going much slower than expected. Although I love the way it looks, knitting with the elasticated yarn is driving me nuts! I have three pairs of socks on the needles right now, so I'm flitting between them all to break things up a bit.

Thanks for the pattern, Anni!

Put a Sock in it


Monika said...

I had to modify the pattern to fit my foot too, but everything else I left as it was. I like the yarn you are using.

Meg Kribble said...

The sock looks great and the yarn is gorgeous!!