Sunday, 19 August 2007


Hi all. This is so fun. I got my August pattern a little late, but just before getting it I had just lectured DD1 about completing her knitting projects before starting an other one. I was working on my first sweater and only had two seams left to sew(Cuff down arm down side of sweater) Then no sooner did I finish telling her that and I opened my email that invited me to join and the sock pattern. I was dieing to cast on right then and there but DD1 was asking if I had finished my sweater. I finished it the next day and cast on my first sock. I got to work on it for a couple of days then had DH get sick over the weekend and by the time he left for work Monday I was sick. I slept for two days. Very sluggish the rest of the week and nursing the other children as they came down with it. I finished my first sock last night while watching High School Musical 2 with my girls. I cast on the second one today and have been trying to work on it while taking care of DS2 who is 6months old and now has what the rest of us had. He just wants to be held, very hard to knit while holding a little one. I only make ankle socks being that we live in the desert and we hit 102 to 110 a good part of the summer, longer socks would give us heat stroke....ha I am using Knit Picks Dancing.

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