Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Done! Well, sort-of...

So, today I finished sock number two (left foot). Yay! Except as you may be able to see, sock number one (right foot) is a bit looser, so I'll be entirely frogging it. The modifications I made to sock two were to reduce the stitches to 54 and repeat the pattern one additional time on the leg. I'm not looking forward to the ribbits, but we must suffer to have beautiful socks, right? :)

Thanks for a great pattern from this first-time sockamaniac, Anni. I didn't think I'd finish in a month, but this one made it easy to do. This may just be the cure for second sock syndrome.

And apologies for the poor photo quality--my camera is slowly (and unpredictably) dying on me. Somehow the spiral pattern manages to show up at least a little, though.

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