Thursday, 9 August 2007

We've got the blues

So, what is it with so many of us working on the spiral sock using shades of blue? My work in progress is made of Koigu P826.

It's my first skein of Koigu, and I'd intended it for me-me-me, but I fear the cuff is going to be a bit big for my ankle, so it may end up a gift. I knew I should have adjusted the pattern when I started, but I don't want to undo it all now.

Size aside, I'm enjoying the pattern a lot and with two five-hour flights next week, I may even finish the pair this month!

New member this month. I'm a law librarian who started knitting just before I started library school four years ago, and socks not too long after that. I love them, but like many, tend to have trouble completing that second one. There's more about me on my regular blog, All-Purpose BiblioBlawg.


alisonrunrigfan said...

Hi Meg - I am new this month too! Love the colour - how are you finding the koigu? I have some, but haven't used it yet. You will be glad to here my sock colour is called Jamaica - lots of spicy tones, no blues! Have done 2 pattern repeats - really clear pattern - am loving it!

Meg Kribble said...

Hi Alison! I'm loving the koigu. Most of my socks have been knit with opal yarns, and this is noticeably softer--it feels less like I'm knitting with string.

Your yarn sounds very pretty, and we're at about the same point in the pattern!

sockaholic said...

I've never tried Koigu either. It looks very nice with the pattern. Well done.