Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Close but no cigar!

Hi Everyone!

Anni, I hope all is well and the little one is recovering nicely. That's all very stressful so I hope you take good care of you too!

I finished my first sock last week and quickly cast on for the second. If I didn't have to work I think it would have been done but alas, my Monday through Friday is quite sucked up by work.

So, I did finish the first one and got to the gusset on the second (toe up).

These are a gift and must be done soon so I plan to finish sock 2 this week. I love the pattern and think that the cables just took a while sort of hindering my progress. This sock though did allow me to try some new things.

It is now my second set knit toe up and I'm knitting sock #2 on circulars for magic loop. I'm a little nervous about how the heel will go but I'll give it a try! A friend also taught me how to cable without a cable needle which I started at the end of sock 1 and all of sock 2. It makes it go SO much faster!!!

Here's sock 1:

I'm really excited to get started on the August socks! I will definitely finish those on time!

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