Tuesday, 14 August 2007

One down!

I finished my first spiralling sock a bit ago! I really do love how it came out. The sock in general is a little loose, I've been finding that most sock patterns are though, I think maybe my ankles are to thin or my foot is narrower. Either way, it's still fitting ok and it's very pretty. I've already cast on for the second so as not to put it off!


Put a Sock in it said...

Gorgeous colours! What size needles are you using? If it's just the foot that's loose, you could switch to smaller ones for the heel and foot.

Hubby and I both prefer a fairly snug sock. That's what I love about hand-knits; if one is prepared to knit and rip* [a few times?], the perfect fit can be achieved. I know a lot of people hate to pull out their work, but I enjoy the actual knitting as much as the finished piece, so I don't mind quite as much.

*I've even heard some people actually knit swatches!! LOL. I might try that myself one day...!

sockaholic said...

Great yarn! I love the colors and they show up really well.

Hattie said...

No it's the socks in general, but this is my second pair of socks for myself and the first pair is the same way. I'm using 2's and I think I'll have to drop down to 1.5's after this pair. I would have already but I've lost one of the 1.5 needles, it's been gone for a month and I try not to think about it...I haven't had the chance to buy more!