Thursday, 30 August 2007

Well travelled

I nearly forgot to post a photo of these, better get in quick.
They were completed in Spain as my holiday knitting and mostly knit in the dark on a balcony overlooking the sea as it was the coolest place to be. The yarn was hand dyed with Kool-Aid...twice, as I didn't like my first attempt. I think in future I'll leave the hard work to you Anni! Anyway, after it's final bath, the result was a pleasing heathery pink which was a very welcome change from the blue splodgy mess I'd managed to get the first time. It's been patiently for me to play with it so when I saw this month's pattern, I knew it would be perfect. Thank you Anni!

1 comment:

psalm127 said...

Love the color. Can you tell me the kool aid colors that you used to get to that. I would like to attempt it as well.