Monday, 20 August 2007

Sock Two, Take Two

So, I started knitting sock two with 54 stitches, and I think this is going to drastically improve the fit. Which means I'll be selfishly keeping these socks. But it also means I'll be completely frogging sock one after I'm done to re-do it.

On top of that, after almost three repeats of the pattern on the leg of sock two, I realized I messed up the pattern in the second half-dozen rows, so frogged back to the cuff late this morning. I think I'll still finish turning the heel tonight. I'm surprised I'm not utterly loathing the project and yarn after all this, but using such spendy yarn helped, I think. I'd really kick myself later if I made too big socks full of mistakes with it, whereas if it were cheap stuff, I wouldn't care.

Upside: working on this pattern with keeping the stitches on the same needles through the whole thing has helped me figure out placement for the design I've got to work into my next pair fo socks.

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