Sunday, 3 June 2007

Admitting defeat

I've made a decision. I got Simonto take some photos of me modelling the June socks yesterday and the ydidn't turn out all that brilliant. Then I had problems trying to edit them and I'm still not hapy with the result. In addition, I've been totally exhausted and very busy for the last few days as we've been trying to have a bit of a holiday.

I double checked all the e-mail addresses yesterday ready to start e-mailing out the patterns. I typed up the patterns at home and e-mailed them from one of my e-mail addresses to another so that I could open them here in Norway and save them on my parents' computer and now I've lost the attachment and I just can't face retyping the patterns again when I've got them saved on my pc at home.

So the June pattern will be delayed. I'm returning home on Wednesday afternoon and first thing Thursday I will get new photos done, patterns finalised and patterns e-mailed to everyone during Thursday. I hope that's okay with everyone. This unexpected trip to Norway has messed up my plans a bit and we've been so busy while we've been here. We've seen my Gran every day (as I fear that this holiday may be the last time I'll see her), done family stuff and tried to do some holiday stuff too. And it's left me feeling totally exhausted by the end of the day.

I'll update the list of those who've finished the May Day pattern and I'll do the draw on Thursday too and announce the winners on the blog. I'll also e-mail out the June pattern on Thursday and post pics of the yarn prizes for June. The July pattern will be sent out on time (as long as anything unforeseen doesn't happen) but I'll give you all an extra week to finish you June socks before Ido the June draw. But that's a whole month off yet so I'll decide on the details for that later.

I hope the delay of the june pattern is okay with everyone. Look out for your e-mail on Thursday. I'll post a message on here when the e-mails have gone out.

And again, a huge thank you to all my online knitting friends who've sent me so many kind messages of support since the death of my Grandfather. I really appreciate all your support.

And I love seeing all the finisshed May Day socks. If you've not finished yet please post pics when you've completed your pair.


Linda said...

Anni - Don't worry about posting the pattern late, you've had a lot to do these past few weeks and need to take some time for yourself now.

Plus, it'll give me time to get over having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow before starting the June socks - I was worrying that I wouldn't be able to start them immediately!

Alethea said...

No problem! Take care of yourself!

busyJ said...

Things always happen in their own time, Anni, so don't worry about it.
Be safe coming home from Norway.


Stacy said...

Please don't worry a bit about it, Anni. Take care.

inukshuk71 said...

Enjoy what time you have left with your family in Norway. That's much more important than socks :)

sockaholic said...

I agree with all the other comments, don't worry about getting the June pattern out to us. It will be great whenever you get it too us.

Anni said...

Thank you everyone. I knew you'd all understand. And Linda, good luck with your wisdom teeth. I hope they don't cause you any trouble or pain.