Friday, 29 June 2007

Little River Valley

I wanted to use the leftovers of my Sweetheart socks to make a pair of socks for DD - so some careful calculations were in order ....

To make the most of the yarn (custom dyed by the wonderful Chrissy at Brightdyes) I decided toe up was the way to go and DD struggles to get short row heels over her chubby little feet so we needed a gusset & heel flap.

I cast on 22 stitches - turned the toe and did 2 pattern repeats before increasing for the gusset. After I'd finished the heel (oo the maths - my brain hurt!!) I did another 3 pattern repeats and cast off with a purl 2 together cast off.

They fit DD & she seems happy with them!


Anni said...

Beautiful socks and well done to you for doing all tht maths especially the heel. I love that yarn too.Gorgeous.

Connie said...

You could try the Queen Kahuna Sock method. Her technique is toe up but she doesn't use a short row heel.