Monday, 25 June 2007

Bamboo River Valley Socks for me!

Toe up with short row toe and gusset and heel-flap. This was a new way of doing a toe-up heel flap for me and I like the way it looks very much. Does this type have a name, Anni (or anyone)?
Socks were knitted in Opal Bamboo, using 2mm Hiya Hiya circs, couldn't make the socks longer as I'd already knitted footies from the yarn.
Lovely pattern Anni. Thank you.

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Anni said...

I'm not sure what this type of heel flap is called Mogs. I got it from one of Cookie's Knitty socks (can't remember which ones now) and then worked out the 'formula' for doing it so I could use it for other sock patterns. It's the one I've come across that looks most like a top down heel flap.