Saturday, 9 June 2007

It is a Miracle

I wanted to do this post Thursday night, but couldn't get to the computer, but a miracle as occurred for me. I finally finished after countless attempts ONE of the May Day socks!! I am so excited!! I have never knitted a sock pattern before, I was running around here Thursday nite with the one sock on, gloating about how great I am. My son looked at me and said " All this for ONE sock!", he just doesn't understand. I wanted to thank Anni and others here at the site for helping me when I didn't understand what I was doing and encouraging me. I also want to thank everyone that posted different pictures of their completed socks. It really helped me to compare my progress and know I was doing it right. I would show you a picture of my ONE sock, but I am still learning how to do such things on the computer, and right now my brain can only handle completing the ONE sock. LOL


Kathryn said...

Good for you! :) They'll get easier from here.

Anni said...

Well done. You should feel great about finishing your sock. There will be no stopping you know. The great thing about knitalongs is to be able to encourage each other. Good luck with this month's pattern.

Put a Sock in it said...

Congrats on your first sock! Non-knitters just don't get it, but we do. :) Well done!

busyJ said...

Great Job11 It will be (fairly) smooth sailing from here on out.